Ayeyarwaddy Exploration

Myanmar posses many streams, rivers and lakes as well as a coastline of over 2,200 kilometers. The Ayeyarwady (Irrawaddy) and the Chindwin Rivers are the two major rivers in Myanmar. Ever since both are flowing from North to South, boats are a very important means of transportation in Myanmar for centuries.

The Ayeyarwady River is navigable up to Bhamaw. Apart from the government boats there are also many privately owned and operated boats and geared to specifically cater to the tourist trade. These cruises have been designed to be a relaxing interlude during a tour of Myanmar. You will experience the river life and visit villages off of the usual tourist trails adding to your trip an unforgettable experience.
We offer various types of cruises: Luxury RV Pandaw Paukan and Road to Mandalay or Middle class RV Mingun , RV Innwa , RV Malika and Shwe Kinnari.

RV Shwe Keinnery 1,2 & 3

RV Shwe Keinnery is formerly operated by the Government Inland Water Transport Department and actually managed by one of the private cruise groups. It also cruises between Bagan and Mandalay at a reasonable price. July , August & September Operate Schedule
July: (Mandalay - Bagan ) Every Monday and Friday, (Bagan - Mandalay) Every Tuesday and Saturday.
August: (Mandalay - Bagan ) Every Monday , Wednesday and Friday. (Bagan - Mandalay) Every Tuesday , Thursday and Saturday.
September: (Mandalay - Bagan ) Every Monday and Friday.(Bagan - Mandalay) Every Tuesday and Saturday.
Remark: Additional date (12. Aug . 2014 Mandalay - Bagan ) & ( 13 . Aug . 2014 Bagan - Mandalay)

RV Malika

R V Malika is a modern, fast boat sailing at about 45 Km / h. It has the ability to carry up to 130 passengers. It is a regular cruises between Bagan and Mandalay and price is very reasonable.

Amara Cruise

Mandalay - Bagan (OR) Bagan - Mandalay (2 Nights / 3 Days)

RV Innwa

A twin sister boat of RV Mingun, Myanmar Riverboat RV Innwa is refitted in 2013 to travel along the Irrawaddy River. Onboard, a 4 cabins boat each with spacious room, its own bathroom with hot and cold shower offers comfort and exclusive personalize service. RV Innwa Departure every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Important Facts about RV Mingun/ RV Innwa each with :
- A small unique 4 cabins boat ; comfortable bedroom with private bathroom
- Sailing along the vibrant waterways of Irrawaddy, fascinating scenes from Mandalay to Mingun and Sagaing Hills at Sunset.
- Visit Mingun in morning before the arrival of other visitors.
- BBQ Sand Bank Dinner
- Upper Irrawaddy : option program to visit the famous Irrawaddy Dolphins
Cruise 1: Mandalay-Mingun- Ava@Innwa- Mandalay (3 Days- 2 Nights) see detail program
Cruise 2: Mandalay-Mingun- Upper Mingun- Sein Pankone-Mandalay (Irrawaddy Dolphins) see detail program


A traditional Myanmar river boat refitted in 2012 to comfortably welcome small groups or families for a memorable voyage through the ancient cities along Mandalay. This small charming boat offers exclusive services with competitive price assuring an unforgettable sailing experience on the famous Irrawaddy River of Myanmar. RV Mingun’s 4 comfortable cabins are decorated in simplicity and spacious space with private bathroom. RV Mingun’s design commits to experience the nature scenes from our viewing sun deck.RV Mingun Departure every Monday, Wednesday and Friday

Road To Mandalay

Road To Mandalay operated by Orient-Express is famous for its style and comfort. RTM provides the ultimate vantage point from which to absorb the surrounding serene beauty, taking in its golden-spired pagodas, ancient temples, sleepy riverside settlements and saffron-clad monks. Furbished to the exacting standards of Orient-Express, the Road To Mandalay incorporates elegant Burmese materials and unique styles with the highest international standards in decor and modern comfort.

RV Paukan

The boat RV Paukan is a charming boutique hotel and moves only on the river. It is almost the same style as RV Pandaw but it was built in 2007 and is even more comfortable than the RV Pandaw. The combination of ancient and modern motifs in fact a boat decorated with incomparable charm. It can accommodate 55 passengers that will be served by 30 members of friendly and professional crews. There are different categories of rooms, such as suites, deluxe rooms and superior rooms. Two massage rooms, a stage for cultural performances, a bar and a cinema are available on board. List of cruises on the Irrawaddy & Chindwin River proposed by RV Pandaw & Paukan is as follow:
Mandalay - Bagan (1 night, down stream) RV Paukan (See detail program)
Mandalay - Bagan (2 nights, down stream) RV Paukan (See detail program)
Bagan - Mandalay (2 nights, up stream) RV Paukan (See detail program)
Bagan - Mandalay (5 nights) RV Pandaw
Mandalay - Bhamo (7 nights) RV Pandaw
Great cruise over Chindwin (9 nights) RV Pandaw
Yangon - Mandalay (10 nights) RV Pandaw
We recommend one or two nights stay onboard cruising up-stream or down-stream in mighty Irrawaddy River to enjoy the nature and beautiful scenery of villages, visit ancient royal capitals and activities & life style of Burmese along the river. If you wish to know prices or more information, please contact us directly to

RV Pandaw

RV Pandaw is an old steamer built in 1947 in Scotland by the famous ships builder Yarrow & Co with the same design of the pre-war Quarter Wheeler steamers of the Irrawaddy Flotilla Company. Today, it was renovated in teak and brass. RV Pandaw not only preserves its charming colonial style but also creates a very warm and comfortable atmosphere.


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