Bagan & Enviroment


Situated on the eastern bank of Ayeyarwaddyriver in central Myanmar, Bagan was the capital of the first Myanmar Empire from 9th to 13th centuries. Over 10,000 temples, pagodas, ordination halls and monasteries were constructed during its golden period. Bagan located in an active earthquake zone, had suffered from many earthquakes over the ages and so many temples and pagodas have been damage. But over 2200 edifices still survive to the present day in total area of 42 square kilometer. For this reason, this ancient city is famous as the richest archaeological sites in the whole of South-East Asia. The site itself represent as an open museum of the ancient Myanmar culture and architecture. A fabulous sunset or sunrise from an old edifice of Pagan with the panoramic view may be the most unforgettable souvenir in life. The government now tries Bagan to be listed in the World Cultural Heritage Site of UNESCO, the city has not been so designated, allegedly mainly on account of the restorations. Bagan lies in the middle of the "dry zone" of Burma, the average high temperatures exceed 30°C year round and over 35°C in summer months of late February to mid May

Mount Popa

Mt Popa, home of "Nats" (or) spirits is said to be the core of an extinct volcano last active 250000 years ago. The rocky mountain itself is considered to be sacred, a kind of Mount Olympus, an abode of gods. It is located about 50 kilometers from Bagan, rising to 1520 meters from the flat Plainsand surrounded by large forest and natural springs. Therefore the place is much visited together by travelers. PopaTaungkalat is a smaller volcano next to Mount Popa. On top there is a stunning must-see Buddhist monastery, accessible by taking 777 steps. Please be informed that Burmese superstition says one should not wear red, black or green and should not bring pork meat as it will offend Nats

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