Travel Tips

Credit cards

Tourists and business travelers with an international MasterCard, Maestro or Cirrus card are now be able to withdraw money, and in the local currency or ‘kyat’, for the first time at 36 CB Bank ATMs around Myanmar, including Yangon International Airport. For the time being we advise clients to count on their MasterCard branded cards only as an emergency back-up. The exchange rate, the commission on foreign transactions, the compatibility with all foreign banks is still unknown. Although some credit card such as VISA can be used in some hotels, it is not always certain that you can pay with credit card. We would like to suggest therefore keeping bringing sufficient cash for the duration of the trip just in case of any malfunctions. Traveller Cheques are not accepted at present

Money Exchange

Yangon – Money exchange counter at Yangon airport arrival lounge – Large Money exchange counter in downtown Yangon on Theinbyu Road, lower block, Botataung Tsp., near Monsoon restaurant. Closed on Saturday & Sunday. – Money exchange counters at Asia Green Development Bank (AGD bank) Kamayut branch, on Pyay Road, near Hledan market & Sule branch, on Sule Pagoda Road, near Sule Pagoda. Closed on Saturday & Sunday. – Many other money exchange counters on Aung San Bogyoke market and in the bank’s branches throughout the city. Bagan – Money exchange counter at Bagan airport arrival lounge (operating during morning & afternoon flight arrival & departure times, daily) Mandalay - Money exchange counter at Mandalay airport arrival lounge – Exchange counter at some banks in Mandalay city, but not as smooth as airport. MDL Airport is the best place for this service. Heho – Money exchange counter at Heho airport arrival lounge. Closed on Saturday & Sunday.


Mobile phone is not working in Myanmar since the country does not have international network yet. Tourist can hire a card at international airport service counter upon arrival if you need to use mobile during your stay. We can arrange phone rental service upon your request. International Direct Dialing (IDD) is available in big cities and hotels. IDD country code of Myanmar is 95. The area code of Yangon is 1, of Mandalay& Bagan are 2 and, of Inle Lake is 81. The internet is available in Yangon, Mandalay and Bagan but yahoo & hotmail accesses are banned. There are many cyber cafés throughout Myanmar. Free Wi-Fi Internet service is available at big shopping malls, some restaurants, hotels and airports of big cities for skype. Public access centers and internet cafes can be found in every city. The postal service is quite slow but it doesn’t cost a lot. A postcard from Yangon to abroad can take more or less three weeks but it costs only 50 kyats. If we mail from outside of Yangon, it can take more.

What to bring

Sun hat, sun glasses, sun protection for your face and body, prescription medicines, insect repellent and an umbrella (rain or shine). An antibiotic cream for minor cuts and scratches, extra pair of prescription glasses, a small flashlight, extra passport photos, decaffeinated coffee (if you require).

What to Wear

Light clothing is required all year-round, but a sweater or jacket may be needed in hilly areas, especially during winter months. If visiting during rainy season (May - September) raincoat will be required. It is required to dress decently within the precincts of religious buildings. Shoes and socks must be removed at pagodas and monasteries. Shoulders and knees should be covered. Disregarding these rules will seriously cause cultural and religious offence to the devout Myanmar people.

Entry Visa to Myanmar

You can be obtained the tourist E.V.T (F.I.T) visa at every Myanmar embassy or consulate by submitting with your passport and 3 photos. This visa allows to stay 28 days in Myanmar. Visa fee is equivalent of US dollar 20.00. It is possible to overstay up to 90 days for a penalty of 3 USD per day. Overstays longer than 90 days will be charged at a rate of 5 USD per day (for all 90+ days). Visa on arrival is also available to request through a travel agency at least one month prior to the arrival date

Visa on arrival at Yangon & Mandalay International Airport

1. Applicable for all nationality 2. Passport validity is no less than 6 months after arrival 3. Tourist Visa fee (28 days stay permit): 30 USD Business Visa fee (71 days stay permit and can extend the stay): 40 USD Social Entry Visa fee (28 days stay permit and can extend the stay): 40 USD Transit Visa fee (24 hr stay permit): 18 USD No Visa fee for child under 7 yr 4. Confirmed round trip international air ticket 5. Propose address of hotels during your stay in Myanmar 6. photographs (4x6 cm) taken within the last 6 months 7. Application Form (can get on flight) Please Note that e-visas are currently unavailable.

Other Advices

Travelers are advised to keep away from those who may approach them to exchange foreign currency or to sell gems of dubious quality. Travelers are also advised not to drink tap water, purified bottled water is available everywhere.

Airport Tax

Yangon International airport tax is $10 US only but no airport tax for domestic flights.

Travel Insurance

It is advisable to purchase travel insurance for comprehensive protection against traveling overseas to protect of accidental / medical expenses / baggage losses. SOS Worldwide has a local representative office in Yangon with a 24 hour on call service for emergency evacuation and medical assistance.


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